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Articles tagged with: Sonos

How to Pick Out True High-End Audio

Don’t Settle for Low-Quality Speakers

How to Pick Out True High-End Audio


Here’s a situation we come across all the time (and definitely more frequently during the holiday season)…

The local Gladwyne electronics store is running a promotion on speakers. It seems like a great deal – 50 percent off! You buy the speakers, go home, install them, and press play, only to be supremely disappointed by the audio quality.

It’s tinny, you can hear the speakers vibrating, or the audio just seems to fall flat. The speakers you just bought aren’t any better than listening to music from your phone, so you find yourself regretting the purchase altogether.

If you haven’t had that experience yet, then keep reading. We’ll hopefully be able to save you from that disappointment and help you find true high-end audio speakers for your Gladwyne, PA home.


TAGS: Hi-Fi Audio | Multi-Room Music | Sonos

Where to Begin With Smart Home Automation

Helpful Tips for Philadelphia, PA Residents New to Smart Tech

Where to Begin With Smart Home Automation

If you’re new to the concept of smart home automation, you might just be struggling to find the place to start. Even when you invest in relatively small, entry-level systems, you can quickly become overwhelmed with the new options available to you. But smart technology shouldn’t be daunting! It should be a solution that helps simplify your life. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the basics of integrated technology and some ideas on improving your system. Read on for more!

TAGS: NEST Thermostat | Smart Home Automation | Sonos