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A Look Into Focal's High-Performance Floorstanding Speakers

Get to Know More About Focal’s High-Fidelity Speakers

A Look Into Focal's High-Performance Floorstanding Speakers

Take listening in to your favorite tunes and hits to the next level. High-performance speakers from Focal bring incomparable sound quality throughout your home in the Philadelphia, PA area.

Focal offers various standing loudspeakers that can elevate your listening space completely.  Keep on reading below as we review the top products from Focal’s high-fidelity speakers’ lines.

See why high-end audio equipment is a must for you to get the ultimate auditory experience every time you listen to your tunes – and why the Focal brand is one of the world’s best.

TAGS: Focal | High End Audio | High-Fidelity Speakers

Work with a Home Automation Company to Elevate Interior Design

Bring Your Clients the Style and Technology They Desire

Work with a Home Automation Company to Elevate Interior Design

If you’re an interior designer in the Philadelphia, PA area, you might wonder how you can merge both your plans with the smart technology your clients want.

But there’s no need to worry. It turns out that smart home automation features cannot only integrate seamlessly with existing décor but can also enhance it.

The great news is that you don’t have to learn all about smart home technology overnight. In this blog, we go through why working with a home automation company can help you advance and elevate your design plans with their knowledge of the automated equipment.

Keep reading below to see the multiple smart features that can enrich your interior design.

TAGS: Home Automation Installation | Smart Home Company

Why Choose Motorized Shades Over Manual Blinds?

See How This Smart Feature is an Ideal Solution for Any Residential Space

Why Choose Motorized Shades Over Manual Blinds?

When you think of motorized shades, you might wonder if they’re really necessary for your home in the Cherry Hill area. After all – for a product that merely covers up your windows, how much different can they really be from standard, manual ones?

The answer is a whole lot.  The impact automated shades can have on your daily life is immense – and in this blog, we’ll show you just how revolutionary they can be.

Want to learn more about this smart technology and how it can transform your home for the better? Read on below.

TAGS: Automated Shades | Motorized Window Treatments

Make Music An Experience With Two-Channel Audio

Rediscover the Fine Art of Listening to Music

Make Music An Experience With Two-Channel Audio

Do you really enjoy your music? Do you ever listen to it exclusively, while doing nothing else?  Sure, music may be great background if you work in an environment where you can use headphones or a speaker. It can motivate you for your run or workout. It can be relaxing when preparing dinner in the kitchen.

But beyond background listening, do you ever just disconnect and get lost in a great album or playlist? That’s what a two-channel audio system is all about – delivering enveloping sound that washes away the day’s stress and lets you revel in the music. 

Until recently, the trend in audio has been convenience over quality.  Portability of music – as in carrying 10,000 songs in your smartphone or being able to stream 30 million songs over the Internet – took precedence over the quality of the experience. But now the pendulum is swinging back, and people want the convenience of digital music with exceptional audio quality too. 

So let’s look at a few options for elevating the music-listening experience at your home in the Philadelphia area. 

TAGS: Bowers and Wilkins | High-performance audio | Klipsch | Pro-ject | Rotel | Turntables | VPI