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Why a Home Automation Installation is Ideal for Your Properties

Learn How Smart Technologies Add Value to Homes

Why a Home Automation Installation is Ideal for Your Properties

If you’re a real estate developer or builder, you know that amenities are a huge factor in presenting and selling your properties. And now more than ever, bringing a top-notch home automation installation to your Philadelphia-area properties is set to draw in potential homebuyers.

You might not be an expert on smart home technology, and that’s OK. You don’t have to work alone in delivering home automation solutions to your properties. By partnering with our professional team of experts at Hi-Fi Sales, installing these smart solutions all throughout your new-construction properties will be a breeze.

In this blog, we’ll dive into what various smart technologies can do for a living space and why you as a real estate developer should be paying attention. Boost any house’s value – find out more by reading on below.

TAGS: Smart Home Automation | Smart Home Technology

Why Bring Audio Video Distribution to Your Office?

How a Commercial AV System Boosts Your Company’s Productivity

Why Bring Audio Video Distribution to Your Office?

As an office manager or a business executive, you’re always focused on your company’s bottom line. You want your employees to be productive and for your office space to be conducive to overall success throughout the company.

Out of all the office upgrades available, one often overlooked possibility is an office-wide audio video distribution system. Just what are the benefits to this type of system for your office in the Philadelphia area?

We dive into all the features and technologies in this blog. Keep reading on below to learn more.

TAGS: Audio Video System | Commercial Audio Video

Interior Designers: Why Work With Lutron Lighting and Shades?

Team Up with Hi-Fi Sales to Elevate Your Projects

Interior Designers: Why Work With Lutron Lighting and Shades?

As an interior designer, you know that a home’s lighting and shading can completely transform how it appears. That’s why it’s an essential component to any and every home interior design project you have.

But sometimes it can be a challenge to find the right lighting solutions to bring to a space that won’t hinder your décor and design setup. The great news is that Lutron offers a variety of options to elevate and optimize your home designs in the Main Line area.

Keep reading below to learn more about Lutron lighting and shades, and how Hi-Fi Sales can work with you to install these solutions and help them accompany all of your design plans.

TAGS: Home Lighting Control | Lutron | Motorized Shades | Smart Lighting Solutions

Why is a Professional Home Network Installation Ideal for You?

Make the Most of Your Internet-Connected Smart Home Technologies

Why is a Professional Home Network Installation Ideal for You?

Think about how many smart devices and technologies you have in your home that everyone uses on a daily basis. From your computers, tablets, and phones to smart TVs, video and music streaming services to even your thermostat and lights perhaps, you most likely are using a lot of internet bandwidth throughout the day.

To keep these technologies working at their best, you need a home network that’s up for the job – one that goes beyond just single the modem/router your internet service provider (ISP) brings to the table.

In this blog, we’ll dive into the top-notch home network services that Hi-Fi Sales offers. Keep reading below to see why and how our team can upgrade your network connection and improve how well smart home in the Philadelphia area runs every day.

TAGS: Home Network Installation | Home Networking | Professional Network Installation