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Creative, personalized solutions powered by experience since 1979

HI-FI SALES Company specializes in the design, engineering, integration and installation of electronic systems in residential and commercial environments. For 36 years we have been the complete solution for area homeowners, architects, designers, cabinet craftsmen, and home builders. Our design and installation services include:

  • Dedicated home theatre
  • Multi-purpose media rooms
  • Flat panel television
  • Lighting control and LED lighting
  • Motorized shading
  • Robust Wi-Fi networks
The LED Diet
  • Multi-room/multi-zone audio and video systems
  • Home automation and systems integration
  • Camera security systems
  • Telephone systems
  • Audio and video for commercial applications such as doctors offices, retail stores and showrooms.

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Home Theater Review

"In my home town I send family, friends and Flyers fans to Hi-Fi Sales for the best in home theater, audiophile systems and custom installation in South Jersey."

-Jerry Del Colliano
Publisher | HomeTheaterReview.com, HDTVetc.com, AudiophileReview.com and HomeTheaterSpot.com

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